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Solator® PV+THERM Hybridmodule Thermal performance


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Solator® PV+THERM Hybridmodule
Thermal performance

With the power from the sun the solator generates electricity and hot water from one module!
This means double utilisation of the roof or facade surface being built on.
At the same time the unique, compact, frameless structure allows the panel to be gracefully integrated, optically and architecturally, into the bulding.

1. Solar glass
2. Photovoltaic cells
3. Back sheet
4. Spacer
5. Back panel

- The surface heat from the back sheet is transferred to the fluid

- The photovoltaic performance can be increased by up to 30% as a result of the cooling effect

- The thermal energy is optimally utilised using the heat-exchanger principle

>> Advantges

- Very high efficiency factor due to the douple surface utilisation!

- Uniform appearance due to its aesthetic, compact structure

- Increase in photovoltaic output due to cooling the cells.

- Savings on material and installation costs

- Use can be made of the public subsidies specific to each region Dimension: Module size dependent
Thermal output: ca. 400 W/m2
Operating pressure: 6 bar
Flow rates: 90 Liter / h
Hydraulic connection: Copper tubing D=10mm
Recommended operating fluid: Water/Glycol
Intallation height: Inside of the module frame
Warranty: 10 years leakproff